Slab Specifications

Ascale Porcelain Slabs come in the following dimensions:

 Up to 126” x 63” in size

 With two options for thicknesses: ½” and ¼” 


The variety of thickness we offer in our porcelain slabs are ideal for many projects. The ½” thick porcelain slabs are great for any surface, where the lighter ¼”  thick slabs can be used to cover any vertical or horizontal wall. The combination of ¼” and ½” surfaces makes Ascale Porcelain Slabs a powerful tool for architecture, interior design and construction professionals as it allows unique, elegant and versatile spaces to be created, coupled with the unbeatable technical features offered by TAU Cerámica.



Why use Ascale?

Our porcelain promises optimum technical performance for any work surface, matching or even surpassing the aesthetic value of any other material. In addition, our ½” slabs incorporate a fiberglass mesh reinforcement on the back, which means our material achieves maximum strength values.